What's in bloom at the Toronto Botanical Garden

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Flowers in July

Acanthus hungaricus (Bear’s Breeches) Knot Garden; This species is the least known of the Bear’s Breeches and makes a terrific speciman in the garden with upright spikes of hooded light pink flowers.  It adapts to a wider climate range and here at the TBG blooms reliably year after year. 

Eryngium giganteum (Miss Wilmott’s Ghost) Water Channel; This plant produces large spiny flower heads of silver-grey with a greenish centre cone.  It gets its name from the English plantswoman, Ellen Wilmott, who supposedly spread the seed when visiting other gardens. 

Stachys officinalis ‘Hummelo’ (Alpine Betony) Entry Garden; Species of Stachys are generally known for their woolly grey leaves, however this cultivar is known for its basal rosettes of ovate glossy leaves and long-lasting rose-lavender flowers.  In my humble opinion, if you have a position in full-sun available this plant is a must -have — it’s also great in containers and overwinters well!  

Liatris spicata (Dense Blazing Star or Prairie Gayfeather) Water Channel & Entry Garden; Native throughout most of Eastern North America, this herbacious perennial has dramatic tall spikes of magenta-purple flowers which open from top to bottom.  A prairie wildflower, it has naturalized extremely well in the TBG Entry Garden meadow.    


Allium sphaerocephalon (Round-headed Leek) Water Channel, Perennial Border; Also known as Drumstick Allium, the egg-shaped flowers begin green opening to a pink and finally maturing to a reddish purple.  They last for 3-4weeks and are excellent amoungst other plants in the herbaceous border, naturalizing freely.