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May 30, 2011 – Tree Peonies are in Bloom!

Paeonia suffruticosa (Tree Peony) Herb Garden; These deciduous shrubs will reach 3′-5′ tall with a 4′ spread; true species have large flowers 6″-8″ across, from pink to white with a purple basal patch.

Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Feng Dan Bai’ (Phoenix White Chinese Tree Peony) Wayfinding Sign; Upward facing fragrant white flowers up to 7″ across, slightly ruffled with yellow stamens

Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Taiyo’ (Tree Peony) Wayfinding Sign; Taiyo has very large red semi-double flowers which tend to curl

Polygonatum biflorum (Solomon’s Seal) Demonstration Courtyard; Come see our Solomon Seal Collection in the Demo Courtyard.  This native wildflower is easily recognized by its upward arching stems of hanging white-tipped-green flowers. 

Polygonatum odoratum ‘Silver Wings’ (Solomon’s Seal) Demo Courtyard; This plant is originally from Beth Chatto’s garden in England and is named for the silver undersides of its leaves. 

Polygonatum x hybridum ‘Striatum’ (Solomon’s Seal) Demo Courtyard; An uncommon, vigorous hybrid selection with bright creamy white margins  

Wisteria floribunda ‘Yae-kokuryu’ (Japanese Wisteria) Arrival Trellis; This highly fragrant vigorous (which one isn’t?) wisteria is known to be the only true double-flowered one.   

Wisteria (Wisteria) Floral Hall Courtyard; Unfortunately I haven’t been able to identify this wisteria – but if anyone familiar with the TBG has any ideas please feel free to forward.  The good news is after umpteen years it is in full bloom after a very hard pruning last year!!







May 12, 2011

Tulipa ‘World Paeace’ (Tulip)) with Narcissus ‘Lemon Beauty’ (Daffodil), and in the background a drift of Narcissus ‘Thalia’ (Daffodil) Entry Garden; this single-flowered Darwin Hybrid has brilliant red flowers edged with gold. 

Narcissus ‘Thalia’ (Daffodil) Entry & Show Gardens; One of a few daffodils which opens pure white, Thalia is a great perennializer and is an heirloom from 1916. 

Narcissus ‘Mount Hood’ (Trumpet Daffodil) Entry Garden; An heirloom daffodil with white petals and a creamy trumpet maturing to brilliant white – another great perennializer!

Narcissus ‘Fortune’ (Large-Cupped Daffodil) Bright golden yellow pedals surround an orange-yellow cup, look for Fortune in our Entry Garden. 

Narcissus ‘Ice Follies’ (Large- Cupped Daffodil) Entry Garden; Large-cupped daffodils are extremely popular featuring a cup (corona) that is generally more than 1/3, but less than the total length of the petals.    

Tulipa greigii ‘Casa Grande’ (Greigii Tulip) Demonstration Courtyard; This short-stemmed tulip has foliage with distinctive purple-brown markings making it interesting even without the vivid red flowers. 


Leucojum aestivum ‘Gravetye Giant’ (Summer Snowflake) Demonstration Courtyard; A selection of ssp. aestivum, Gravetye Giant not only has more robust flowers but more in number as well!  These European wild flowers are extremely frost hardy and have been in cultivation since the 1500s.

Spring Flowers May 3, 2011

Fritillaria raddeana (Fritillary) Garden Hall Courtyard; This close relative to crown imperialis blooms very early with greenish lime-yellow flowers lined with burgundy.

Fritillaria meleagris (Snakes Head Fritillary) Entry Garden & Garden Hall; The bell-shaped flowers with checkerboard patterns make this unmistakeable fritillary a spring garden favourite despite its petite size.

Tulipa praestans ‘Unicum’ (Species Tulip) Garden Hall Courtyard; The variegated green leaves edged in creamy white make this beautiful bunch tulip a striking addition to the spring garden, topped with bright orange-red flowers; shown here with Euphorbia.


Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Goudstuk’ (Waterlily Tulip) Garden Hall Courtyard; Beautiful waterlily tulip with yellow-trimmed red flowers, open to a lily-type flower; shown here closed tightly against the rain.

Helleborus x hybridus ‘Blue Lady’ (Lenton Rose) Entry Garden; Hellebores are worthwhile additions to any garden, flowering from late-winter through late spring.  Blue Lady was the Perennial Plant of the Year in 2005.

>April 19-26


In the Garden Hall Courtyard you will find:
Rhododendron dauricum ‘Arctic Pearl’

In the West View Terrace:

Hellebores x hybrida Winter Moonbeam

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:
Rhododendron dauricum ‘Hokkaido’

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:
Pulsatilla vulgaris Pasque Flower

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:
Rhododendron ‘April Rose’

In the Arrival Courtyard:
Hyacinth orientalis ‘Jan Bos’