What's in bloom at the Toronto Botanical Garden

>July 29- August 5


In the Entry Garden you will find:
Vitex agnus-castus (Chaste Tree); this deciduous shrub has violet blue blooms from July to August; in zones 5-6, it has winter die back – often to the ground, but recovers well with up to five feet of new growth the following season

In the Show Garden:
Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora (Panicle Hydrangea); this popular woody shrub can reach up to 25 feet, with white blooms aging to pink, prefers organically rich soil; one of the most cold- hardy hydrangeas

In the Perennial Border West;
Phlox paniculata ‘Robert Poore’ (Garden Phlox); a tall variety reaching two to four feet with bright deep pink flowers; known for its mildew resistance.

In the Perennial Border North:

Hibiscus ‘Blue River II’ (perennial hibiscus); the hardy form of hibiscus is well-known for its enormous dinner-plate size blooms for late summer displays – except for this year when it is already flowering in late July!

In the Knot Garden:
Echinacea purpurea ‘White Swan’ (White Coneflower); a white-flowered form of the purple coneflower, with drooping white petals surrounding a greenish-brown central cone, shown here with the native Purple Coneflower

In the Entry Garden Meadow:
Many beautiful herbaceous perennials are now at their peak in the Entry Meadow, including Liatris spicata, commonly known as Blazing Star, with spikes of magenta-purple flowers which are especially attractive to butterflies


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