What's in bloom at the Toronto Botanical Garden

>April 12 -19


Spring is in full bloom at the TBG this week!
In the Water Garden – North you will find:
Magnolia x loebneri ‘Merrill’ (Loebner Magnolia); a small tree grown for its profusion of fragrant white star-shaped blooms on bare wood

In the West Lawn Garden:
Tulipa praestans ‘Unicum’ (Tulip); this bunch tulip will perennialze as it is a species tulip; having mutiple orange-red flowers above cream edged foliage

In the Show Garden:

Narcissus cyclaminnnnneus ‘Jetfire’ (Daffodil) ; this smaller variety of Narcissus has yellow reflexed petals with bright orange trumpets

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:

Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Hearts Delight’ (Waterlily Tulip); this Waterlily type is so named since on very sunny days the petals will open fully to a star shape

In the West View Terrace Garden:

Magnolia x loebneri ‘Leonard Messel’ (Loebner Magnolia); this rounded, small tree has star-shaped flowers with 12 white petals on the inside, pinkish-purple on the outside

In the Garden Hall Courtyard:
Tulipa kaufmanniana ‘Goudstuk’ (Waterlily Tulip); another Waterlily Tulip with bright yellow petals, having red striping on every second outer petal; very early flowering

In the Trellis Garden:

Narcissus ‘Flyer (Split-Corona Daffodil) ; the crown of ‘Flyer’ is amassed with tightly packed frilled petals of egg-yolk yellow; a vigorous and long-lived large flowering daffodil


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